Learn more about The Interlocking of Arms and our fight to end domestic violence.

Birmingham ALThe Interlocking of Arms is a call to action – an effort to bring together law enforcement officials, help agencies, shelters, and other organizations and personnel dedicated to helping protect the innocent victims of domestic violence, child abuse, child slavery and human trafficking.

Although there are many organizations that are calling out to stop abuse and bring an end to violence, there is confusion when it comes to dealing with victims across a wide web of agencies, jurisdictions, and authorities – and many victims fall through the cracks.

Our mission is to help those who help victims who cannot be there for themselves – to provide education, training, and assistance to individuals and agencies dedicated to eradicating these issues and protecting the innocent.

The Interlocking of Arms believes that no one should fall through the cracks. With your help, we can ensure that victims of domestic violence and other horrors can receive the help they need, when they need it, and how they need it – until no one ever needs it again.

Help the Interlocking of Arms make a true difference and help others regain their freedom – freedom to live life fully and safely.

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