Dancers in the Shadows

In the twilight hours in many households domestic violence roams among the innocent. I call them dancers in the shadows.

It is in the shadows where danger lives.

Many abusers show an air of belonging by acting as pillars of society, but in their twilight times they are dancers in the dark. Making shadows of terror and strife for their families.

Their loved ones – those who should feel loved – are terrified of the shadows that dance around them behind the privacy of closed doors.

A family walks down the street in what appears to be a peaceful family outing. The wife stays close by her husband’s side. A smile is slight on her face as she looks into the eyes that send waves of warnings, screaming out in silence, “You better look happy or else!”

A little boy goes to school hungry and tired. He begs you to help him in the only way he knows how – by acting out. Instead of hearing his cries, society dictates for him to “take it like a man.”

A little girl is silenced with threats and intimidation. He creeps in the shadows taking her innocence. She cries in the stillness – lost in the pain she hides in a place where no one will find her.

What is the meaning of love when the one who whispers the words causes so much pain in … the stillness of the night.

And so the dance starts all over again.

Dancers in the shadows.

Shadows of pain where the boogie man lives.

Where danger lurks.

You can read Tahiera’s full story in her memoir, “Annihilator of Innocence.” Also, learn more about her story by reading her personal blog on the Tahirea Monique Brown website.

If you or someone you love is dealing with the pain of domestic violence, call The Interlocking of Arms and learn more about how you can survive, even in the darkest shadows.